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Content Marketing or Performance-based Marketing is the only true form of organic Digital Marketing where more emphasis is on reaching marketing goals using organic tools, processes, and methodologies. At CrissCross Lab, we understand the gimmicks used by "Marketing Agencies" under the name of Marketing that is why we decided to leave the pact and develop a method which is flexible, direct, and without human intervention. The result was our AI tools and we wish we could outsource our Content Development also to them!

However, since we cannot do that, we still have to meet expectations of our own Contentigence™. All of the content developed for ourselves or you goes through a stringent and automated Quality Assessment (QA) where the AI checks our developed content, rates it, and then suggests us improvements.

We can proudly say that all of our developed Content rates an average of 8.9 (out of 10) which is quite impressive and as a result, we get a 98% approval rate on our content, and then we also get more engagement, as the end-users also enjoy the content!

May it be video, text, or images, it is our Company policy to run the content through Contentigence™ before it reaching you for approval!

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Let CrissCross Lab take your social media platform on a roller coaster ride with content which is does not need words to speak.

Each content is developed using the particular platform's guidelines and understanding platform's visibility algorithm so that your content gets maximum engagement/ impressions.

In the world of tired, inorganic content, make your content standout with the organic crowd with content which represents you!