MooChuu India

Website | SEO

MooChuu India wanted to bring a smart yet simple buying experience to their customers and learned quickly that Wordpress was not the way to go about it! 

Problem Statement

A brand on the horizon to expansion in marketing strategy and introducing its new products in the Indian market was hurdled by the limitations in speed and features of wordpress websites.

They needed to migrate into a more advanced eCommerce platform that would speed up their customer turn-around as well as improve customer's experience.

Moochuu India team enjoys a great popularity in the South Indian market and their expansion plan is on-point!


From the design to user experience to the checkout process, the entire Moochuu India's website was re-worked. For a quick turn-around time, Shopify was selected as the choice of platform given easy integration of 3rd party apps such as the Customization Tool.

The website was designed to give users a clearner yet funkier feel in terms of color selection and UX.

Website Performance

Loading Time: 2.0 Sec (>118%)
Test Passed: 22/23 (>67%)
Compression: 9% (>21%)
Design: 99/100 (>65%)
O&M Cost: Rs. 1500 (>69%)

Major Features

- Completely Mobile Responsive

- More than 1200 Catalog Products

- Integration of over 12 products with up to 144 combinations in product customization tool

- Integration of FOMO Marketing tactic within website

- Advanced SEO bringing website to Top 10 in all targeted keywords

Conversion Performance*

Average No. of Orders: >48%
Average Value/Order: >18%
Conversion Rate: >54%
No. of sessions/conversion: <26%
No. of pages visited/conversion: <64%

*Conversion Performance is compared between 2 months before and 2 months after new website launch