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LA Sisters

SEO | SMM | Website

Based out of Amsterdam, the two sisters, Lois and Amber are the fiesta of Fashion Design. After their LA trip back in the day, they decided to convert their hobby of buying clothes into designing their own.

Problem Statement

The Brand wanted to have an SEO friendly eCommerce Platform based on JS along with better ranking in Google SERPs and targeted SMM and Content Development for Instagram and YouTube.

At that time, LASisters were facing issues with low engagement rates and low revenue. The requisite involved organic marketing and reach.

The Amsterdam Sisters use the power of Personal Marketing to fuel Brand Image

Website Performance

Loading Time: 4.8 Sec (>42%)

Test Passed: 20/23 (>28%)

Compression: 56% (>18%)

Design: 92/100 (>17%)

O&M Cost: $600 (>14%)

Instagram Performance

Frequency: Daily

Average Likes: 828 (Photos)

Average Likes: 8.2k (Videos)

# of Followers: 22.6k (6 months)

Campaigns: 0 (6 months)

YouTube Performance

Frequency: Weekly

Average Likes: 27k (>56%)

# of Followers: 14k (6 months)

Campaigns: 0 (6 months)