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This Canadian woman is all about design and glamour and nothing short of it! As a leading fashion designer in the space of Contemporary and Functional Clothing, the woman just does not know where to stop!

Problem Statement

While the Brand had a good follower reach and SEO Ranking, the Brand wanted to come up with an innovative marketing strategy to explode the engagement rates and social visibility.

Through a mixup of paid marketing campaigns and content marketing, they wanted to increase website landing rates through their social media accounts with targeting in the USA only.

Marie goes all-in with analytical approach to content development and campaign management

Website Performance

Loading Time: 7.5 Sec (>74%)

Test Passed: 21/23 (>41%)

Compression: 6% (>32%)

Design: 97/100 (>11%)

O&M Cost: $1400 (>4%)

Instagram Performance

Frequency: Daily

Average Likes: 828 (Photos)

Average Likes: 8.2k (Videos)

# of Followers: 22.6k (6 months)

Campaigns: 0 (6 months)

Facebook Performance

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Average Likes: 48 (>82%)

# of Followers: 6k (5 months)

Campaigns: 1 (5 months)