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This Canadian woman is all about design and glamour and nothing short of it! As a leading fashion designer in the space of Contemporary and Functional Clothing, the woman just does not know where to stop!

Problem Statement

While the Brand had a good follower reach and SEO Ranking, the Brand wanted to come up with an innovative marketing strategy to explode the engagement rates and social visibility.

Through a mixup of paid marketing campaigns and content marketing, they wanted to increase website landing rates through their social media accounts with targeting in the USA only.

Marie goes all-in with analytical approach to content development and campaign management


Website Performance

Loading Time: 7.5 Sec (>74%)

Test Passed: 21/23 (>41%)

Compression: 6% (>32%)

Design: 97/100 (>11%)

O&M Cost: $1400 (>4%)

Instagram Performance

Frequency: Daily

Average Likes: 828 (Photos)

Average Likes: 8.2k (Videos)

# of Followers: 22.6k (6 months)

Campaigns: 0 (6 months)

Facebook Performance

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Average Likes: 48 (>82%)

# of Followers: 6k (5 months)

Campaigns: 1 (5 months)

CrissCross Lab is a 360 degree solutions provider for all your Marketing Needs from Strategy Development to Content Development to Campaign Management to Campaign Execution. The Power of CrissCross Lab lies with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools for decision analytics which makes us the only Marketing Organisation which actually wants to provide value to our customers through the use of Data Analytics.

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B-304, Shree Ganesh Building, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Delhi - 110092



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