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We started with the same problem...

Solving Digital Problems for Brands

Our Mission

We are repeat entrepreneurs where we were also subjected to the same issue that most of you are facing right now i.e. unreasonable costs and fake promises by the so-called "Marketing Agencies" without any measurable output.

This is where the idea of CrissCross Lab was born but the question remained, while the cost of services can be easily optimized, what about the actionable promise? 2 years into the R&D and finally SAC was born.

Our Mission is to provide ethical and affordable Digital Marketing Services to MSMEs and Corporates alike with the help of SAC and its tools to a) provide actual decisional insights of their marketing efforts, and b) keep costs affordable and sustainable.


CCL is just starting and we believe that the right team makes the wonder team. Our core team includes entrepreneurs, analysts, influencers, and strategists who have the right experience in their respective strengths. More importantly, our experience adds to your overall understanding of us because we can provide a quick turnaround to the problems that your business is facing.

New Age marketers need to be agile and multi-disciplinary. The age of just "MBA in Marketing" is over at CCL, we are not just Marketing Managers anymore, we are Engineers, Big Data Analysts, Cinematographers, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, and much more.

We don't need a big team size for show-off, we are hyper-productive and highly efficient business operators with only one focus - We win when you win!

A team that delivers
Founders of CCL

Story of Founders

Sanghamitra Chowdhury is our CEO and Co-Founder who started CCL operations in July 2020. She is not just an "MBA in Marketing", her experience with multiple digital marketing and influencer marketing agencies in the past was crucial to understanding the problem and solving them. Furthermore, her expertise in Strategy and Planning is crucial to our client's overall growth!

Udit Garg is our CTO and Co-Founder. The brains behind our AIs and the Performance Marketing Expert. "Technically" UD loves the challenge of figuring out bottlenecks in a brand's growth and is crucial in solving them.

We are only half without our AIs, our USP is, marketing done right. So give us a go and feel the difference that many of our partner brands have already felt. The combination of our AI and the expertise of our core team is your brand's best chance to a SMART growth.

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