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"CrissCross Lab is about providing honest marketing solutions using Data Analytics"


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"CrissCross Lab is not a solutions provider but a problem solver with customer-centric approach"


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About CrissCross Lab

The CrissCross Lab is the first wholly-owned but operationally independent subsidiary of DAMSU Marketing & Consultants. As DAMSU Group continues to focus on its dominant fields such as Engineering Research and Financial Services, Udit & Sanghamitra decided to make the lagging Marketing vertical of the DAMSU to be independently managed by the two.

Started in July 2020, CrissCross Lab is all about creating an honest and fair marketing service and digital product marketplace for our customers along with building a team collaboration work culture. Even though the CrissCross Lab is a new organization, it continues to take inspiration from the values, goals, and mission set by DAMSU Marketing & Consultants.

DAMSU Marketing & Consultants was also started by 2 women entrepreneurs in September 2017 In January 2018, Udit took the position of Head - Marketing and was responsible for the Company's Business Development, Team Building, and Project Completion, along with other administrative tasks.

After almost 3 years since its inception, the Company takes pride in being India's one of the most profitable startups in India. And, with the same mindset, DAMSU decided to separate the Marketing vertical under the supervision of Sanghamitra Chowdhury as the Co-founder of CrissCross Lab.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

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To create a marketing environment of quality, honesty, and client-centric in the Industry

To be the monopoly holder in decision and analytical marketing in the next five years

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Be the only "No" Organisation which will always give you an honest review through our experience and use of technology

CrissCross Lab is a 360 degree solutions provider for all your Marketing Needs from Strategy Development to Content Development to Campaign Management to Campaign Execution. The Power of CrissCross Lab lies with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools for decision analytics which makes us the only Marketing Organisation which actually wants to provide value to our customers through the use of Data Analytics.

Registered Address

B-304, Shree Ganesh Building, Veer Savarkar Block, Shakarpur, Delhi - 110092




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