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Have you ever felt that whatever you do in your ad campaigns, you just don't get the required results that you are expecting?

Fun Fact: 99 out of 100 brands are not happy with their current Campaign Performance on Social Media Platforms.

Why is ACME unique?

Dynamic Management

Unlike Native AIs, ACME is a setup and forget system. As a self-learning system, ACME sets all the variables itself from the selection of target audience to content delivery.

Active Feedback

Any large-scale sudden change in human behavior is quickly detected by ACME to optimize the ad-spend for the highest performance across Campaigns of the brand.

Hard Controls

While the entire process is autonomous, we can still set hard controls which can limit audience allocation or content delivery network, these limits are usually set for transparent functions.

How does ACME work?

The ACME™ uses the data along with deep analysis of your campaigns performance indices to anonymously tune the demographics and other inputs using the STEP© (Short Time Engagement Period) Technology to run your campaigns in short period of times and before re-running the campaign, the ACME™ adjusts the parameters. ACME™ keeps on running the STEP© till the period of the campaign which results in higher Return on Investment for your Digital Campaign.

Image by Paul Blenkhorn

Up to 1.8x Performance

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