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What is ACME™?

ACME™ is our proprietary Machine Learning (ML) tool which curates data from thousands of active campaigns currently active and those already archived. The ACME™ then uses the data along with deep analysis of your campaigns performance indices to anonymously tune the demographics, and other inputs using the STEP© (Short Time Engagement Period) Technology to run your campaigns in short period of times and before re-running the campaign, the ACME™ adjusts the parameters. ACME™ keeps on running the STEP© till the period of the campaign which results in higher Return on Investment for your Digital Campaign.


Influencer Marketing!

Let us drive your Social Media presence through the help of Leaders in the business. With the right selection of these Leaders, they can help your message reach to millions of people at once.

CrissCross Lab partners with over 50,000 influencers and celebrities on every major social media platform including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more.

Through, Influencer Marketing, we can help your product or service to have impactful engagement from your niche/target audience.


CrissCross Lab is a 360 degree solutions provider for all your Marketing Needs from Strategy Development to Content Development to Campaign Management to Campaign Execution. The Power of CrissCross Lab lies with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools for decision analytics which makes us the only Marketing Organisation which actually wants to provide value to our customers through the use of Data Analytics.

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