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Resurgent India

Industry - Consulting Services

Platform - Online and Offline

Type of Audience - B2B

Platform - Website

Type of Project - PWA Development

AI Tools Used - None

Technologies Used - MERN Stack

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Problem Statement

Design and Development of a web application that is to be integrated with the existing website under a sub-domain. The idea of the web application is to present the information to users where users can filter information based on multiple multi-level parameters which are based on the initial filter selection. Furthermore, the target audience is between the age group of 35 to 59 who have difficulty accessing complex UI systems. The system must also have a sign-in/sign-up option that is easy to use and takes minimal effort from the user end.

Our Solution

Responsive Design

Simple User Interface

Superior User Experience

Minimal Client-side Script

SEO Friendly


A dynamic multi-level filter system

Making Access Simple

A single form checks for user access, if the contact number is already registered and verified, then the user is logged in, else the user is taken to a simple 5-step signup page.

Server-side Processing

To keep the performance of the application optimum, we used server-side processing of the information where the view port is updated based on the inputs provided on the client-side browser and results are processed by the server. Making the PWA much faster and well suited for low internet bandwidth.

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