Let your Business morph around Ideas!

For every business to flourish, a stream of new fresh ideas is important, may it be in terms of expansion of the business or the campaigns.

CrissCross Lab helps you with ideas just for your business. These ideas will serve as a revenue engine and be able to create new revenue streams.

Today's businesses need to be dynamic in their approach with their products & services, and we help you to migrate from a static mono-channel system to a dynamic multi-channel powerhouse.


How to make



S - Systematic

M - Market

A - Analysis

R - Research

T - Technology

Through Systematic Market Analysis & Research Technology (SMART), Companies can make more informed and data derived decisions that give you higher returns on your investment.

SMART™ Predictive Analysis is our proprietary data-mining and data-analysis tool which can help us run various marketing tests! The data generated by SMART can then be used by you to make truly informed and "smart" decisions.

How to show


of your Content?


Gone are the days where content quantity mattered! The Z-generation is all about consistency and quality of the content.

CrissCross Lab presents our Contentigence™ proprietary program which tests the quality of your content and predicts the performance of the content based on the current best practices in multiple platforms.

The intelligence tool provides feedback of your images, copies, videos, blogs, etc. with suggestions to improvements which will improve your content and have better engagement.


Communicate better

with beautiful 


Struggling with Content that is not bringing your social media platforms any engagement?

Let CrissCross Lab take the struggle of content development off your hands by outsourcing all your content related development to us.

May it be, Instagram posts, Facebook live posts, or blogs. Our experienced content development team can create impactful content which goes through our stringent Quality Assessment standards including Contentigence™ program.

We always got you covered!


Taking your


worries away!

We know how difficult running Campaigns can be, so let the CrissCross Lab worry about it, while you enjoy your high returns on your investment.

From developing campaigns using SMART™ to managing your campaigns through Active Campaign Management Engagement (ACME™) system which uses dynamic processing to improve ROI through real-time campaign performance indexing.

ACME™ automatically optimizes the variables such as campaign timings, demographics, and CPC to increase engagement rates in the target audience.