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Our AI

"There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an Artificial Intelligence by 2035" - Gray Scott

There is this misconception that Gen Z marketers and brand owners already are not in hands of the Artificial Intelligence. We may not understand it or be aware of it, but when we are posting a post on Instagram or running an ad on Google, we are relying on Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms which are developed by Meta and Google respectively. They have just provided us with an interface where we can set some static parameters and their AI performs activities based on these static parameters only.

Here comes the SAC

Multiple Data Sources

Stop relying on half a story, we have the full picture of your target consumers and brands.

More Data = Better Insights

Unfiltered Data

All the data is unfiltered and in the rawest form possible which means custom data processing and more behavioral insights.

Real-Time Processing

Every piece of information is processed in real-time to detect changes in behaviors and processes for dynamic variables.

Dynamic Communication

Unlike Native AIs, SAC enables brands to update campaign variables dynamically in real-time for best performance.

GDPR Compliance

All the information exchanged between Native AIs and SAC is end-to-end encrypted and we are GDPR Compliant.

AI for the People

Unlike Native AIs, the SAC works for your brand, learns from it, and improves performance. No downtime.

Our Tools

The difference

How Native AIs Work?

User Data


Native AI

Processed Data

Company Services

How SAC Works...

User Data



Processed Data

CCL Services

SAC is the collective base on which SMART, ACME, and Contentigence are based. It is a single tool that provides three features i.e. Data Collection, Cleaning, Analysis, & Conversion; Content Analysis & Comparison; and Ad Control & Campaign Management. SAC is built upon R programming language and is hosted on AWS Scalable System, the basic AI is IBM Watson. To add content analysis to a basic R system which provides very good stability for large data sets, we have also integrated Google Vision API for image processing. For further prowess, we added SoundCloud Data API for soundtrack analysis. We use the data sets of the content against controlled data for the evaluation of quality.

As per the requirements of the API partners, SAC is a completely closed, isolated, and self-sustained system with Active Bias Negation (ABN) System. SAC complies with GDPR Compliance and all API communications, as well as data processing is encrypted with SHA256 encryption.

  • Can you gain access to the user data that is incoming from the API Partners?
    No, the SAC is a closed, isolated, and self-sustained system. Furthermore, all the incoming data is directly processed by the AI, indexed and encrypted, and then stored in the encrypted form in the databases. Why No? CrissCross Lab, our API Partners, and International Government Agencies strongly believe in user privacy rights and the information collected and stored by the AI is purely for marketing and research purposes.
  • Is SAC a 3rd party tool?
    Yes, SAC is a 3rd party AI designed and developed entirely in-house by the developers of CrissCross Lab. SAC is an independent entity and is not related to any other 3rd party Marketing AI Services Provider online.
  • Can I get SAC for lease?
    No, CrissCross Lab provides the prowess of the SAC in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model to control the AI Access points and keep compliance of the API providers and GDPR Compliances.
  • What type of data is received by SAC?
    Data received through the API is unprocessed data directly from the data storage servers of the API Providers. As the data is unprocessed when received by the AI, it can control over the processing and custom indexing of the data.
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