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Hush India

Industry - Home Furnishing

Platform - eCommerce

Type of Audience - B2C

Platform - Facebook and Instagram

Type of Project - Performance Marketing

AI Tools Used - SMART, Contentigence, & ACME

About Hush India

Hush India is India's leading B2C Mattress brand based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are the experts in orthopedic mattresses and other related home furnishing products such as pillows, mattress toppers, etc.

Problem Statement

Hush India has its own in-house team, however when they try to scale their campaigns, their RoAs drop, and the Cost of Acquisition increases, making the campaigns unviable. Hush India tested with Multiple Audiences as well as Ad Creatives to achieve scalability however, the increasing cost of acquisition over a short period was creating hindrance to the brand's growth plans.

Due Diligence

We did a detailed analysis of the bottlenecks of the brand and we observed the following:

  • The average Peer Ad Contentigence was 8.64 while the average Ad Contentigence of Hush India was only 6.58 for the ad creatives.

  • The campaigns setup had errors in terms of how the marketing funnel was set. All the campaigns were Conversion Campaigns with very small Target Audience sizes. Also. large audience overlap was seen due to small concentrated audience sizes.

  • Major changes in campaigns were done frequently which kept the campaign in the learning phase for too long.

Test Variables

CCL was appointed as Hush India's Performance Marketing Agency on a trial basis to check the performance of our ACME tool and how the same can be used for best results for the brand. A successful trial would result in the integration of CCL for a long-term result-oriented expansive growth of Hush India.

Constraints on CrissCross Lab:

  1. Trial Budget of ₹ 20,000 to be used as Ad Spend on Facebook and Instagram.

  2. CCL campaigns to run alongside Hush India's in-house team and performance comparison to be done on a one-on-one basis.

  3. Ad Spend to be used over a period of at least 25 days and a maximum of 31 days.

  4. Brand Awareness:Conversion Campaign Ratio cannot be more than 20:80.


Comparison - CCL vs Hush

Key Metrics:

  • Cost of Acquisition reduced by 37% in 13 days.

  • Average Order Size almost doubled with an increase of 95.38%.

  • ROA doubled by 2x with an effective increase of 119.91%.

How was it achieved?

  1. Better Target Efficiency - which means ads were presented to the people who were most likely to result in a conversion.

  2. Ad Spend Efficiency - Through dynamic targeting and active variable adjustment, the ad spend was utilized judicially to reduce leakages resulting in lower time spent on Learning Phase.

  3. Targeting entire Funnel - By using multi-level targeting for the funnel steps, CCL was able to achieve better CTRs as well as RoAs.

  4. Better Quality Ads - Through Contentigence, the average Contentigence score of the Ad Creatives was increased to 9.22.

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