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Onato India

Industry - Agritech

Type of Audience - B2B

Type of Project - Content Marketing

AI Tools Used - SMART & Contentigence


Onato is an agri-tech company that started as a revolution for fruit wholesalers and retailers by reducing their reliance on Mandi and the daily struggle that comes with it. The biggest problem that they resolve is providing a commission-based revenue system for the vendors and removing the concept of purchasing the fruits from mandi entirely.

Problem Statement

CCL reviewed the Customer Acquisition (CA) Strategy of Onato and identified that one of the biggest challenges Onato was facing was unable to communicate their product features with the help of their field sales team.

Their field sales team had very less understanding of the product themselves which made it difficult for them to provide adequate information to Onato's Target Audience. The Problems further increased due to the following challenges:

  • The target audience is mostly in Tier 2 Cities, Towns, and Villages.

  • Low technology penetration.

  • Lower literacy levels.

  • Regional language barriers.

Proposed Solution

Post-analysis, CCL recommended the Onato Team to explore the option of a multi-lingual Video that would convey the Conversion Pitch in a simple yet effective manner.

Project Constraints

Every project comes with its own challenges and this project came with its own set of challenges.

  • Project Timeline - As a growing organization, the Onato team needed the project to be completed in a time-breaking 14 working day period.

  • Target Audience Analysis - It was important to understand our target audience, their behaviors, and their characteristics to find out which video formats and length would be sufficient.

  • Character Selection - Should we go ahead with Cartoon characters? Illustrated characters? or live characters?

  • Video Length - We found out from our TG Analysis that anything over 2 minutes and 30 seconds of video length, the video will not be successful.

  • Multi-lingual - Finding the right voice-over artists which can provide voiceovers in regional languages and suit the characters.


  • Project Timeline - As promised to the Onato Team, the first draft of the video was submitted on the 12th Working Day and the final video was ready on the 15th Working Day after requisite changes.

  • Character Selection - Based on the Target Audience Analysis, we found out that going with 2-D animated cartoon characters was the best way to go about it as they are quite common provided the popularity of kid's tv-hows within the Target Audience.

  • Video Length - We were successfully able to convey the required message within 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

  • Multi-lingual - Successfully improvised on voice-over selections, and completed the project to make it ready for multiple regional languages.


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