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Case Studies

Check out how we ethically provide result-oriented digital marketing services to our clients.

Hush India - Performance Marketing - Facebook Ads

Perfect example of how ACME works and how brands such as Hush India are taking advantage of the same. Read the entire case study to see the difference yourself.

Image by Spacejoy

Backyard Valley Tea - Content Development & SMM

See Contentigence in action with a brand which is particular about Product Placement and especially how creatives should have the highest KPIs

Image by Content Pixie

Resurgent India - Web App Development

The epitome of our PWA development, from design to on-point functionality. This app does more than what the client asked for.

Image by Sean Pollock

Onato India - B2B Content - Animated Video

The multi-lingual 2-D animated video for Onato India might be one of the most challenging video production challenges yet, but we nailed it!

Image by Julia Zolotova

Lavos India SEO

How an upcoming athleisure brand with limited visibility was able to break the barriers and become a top ranker in Search Engines within 6 months.

Image by Wesley Tingey

Aahma Hospitality

How we helped a luxury hospitality brand improve every aspect of their business through better content and right target audience selection on Instagram and Facebook

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