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Welcome, World's first KPI generation tool for Content. To date, content quality is measured through best practices and POV, however, there is no tool that can rate content and provide crucial statistics such as how actually the content is and how it can be improved for your brand to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Understanding Peer Content

The first step of content rating is peer content analysis. It is very important to understand what type of content most competitors are generating, then select the best performing content of your peers and generate average content KPIs.

Content Analysis

The proposed target content is rated against up to 48 best practices in content development to provide Content KPIs. Any type of content can be rated on Contentigence such as Images, Videos, or text-based content.

Doing Brand Analysis

Before Content is rated, Contentigence first researches the target brand itself to understand your content metrics, engagement rates, and figure out the proposed target audience of your brand.

Performing Comparison

Once Contentigence have an understanding of Peer Data, has completed the Brand Analysis, and also finished performing Content Analysis, the Content Rating is compared to Average Peer Ratings to provide final scores.

What do Clients say about Contentigence?


Lois - CEO (LA Sisters)

When we first used Contentigence in our Influencer Marketing Campaign for Content Quality check, we were awestruck.

Image by Steve Johnson


We want you to try Contentigence yourself for your brand and see the difference that it makes in Content Quality

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