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Lavos Performance

SEO Case Study

The brand was highly centric in the South Indian market and needed a more pan-Indian approach in terms of customer acquisition.

SEO Audit Results - 23-04-2021

Existing Customer Base

As can be seen from the heatmap, most of the organic customer acquisitions came from South Indian states such as Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Puducherry, Goa, and Telangana, etc.

Activities Performed


New Shopify Website on OS2.0 guidelines, improved User Experience, better Website Performance, improved Product/Category Setup, and better Tag management.


The upgraded blog section along with planned 2 blogs per month catered to majorly direct and indirect keywords which brought more organic audience to the Website.


 We were responsible for creating client profiles and enriching responses to the questions regarding topics related to the brand with average of 20 responses per day.


We reworked all product descriptions, page content, and other information sections on the Product Pages including Policy Sections. Increased Contentigence Score to 8.14.


CCL partnered with over 100 guest blogging platforms including directory listings in india-based and worldwide sustainable platforms creating backlinks to the Lavos Performance Website.


Through Quora, Guest Blogging, and PR activities, we were able to add more than 600 backlinks to the Lavos Performance SEO portfolio over a period of 6 months which improved global rankings.


New Customer Base

The new heatmap study showed better overall acquisition of new customers from Pan-India centers including the Northern and Eastern Regions showing a measurable performance increase. In some areas like Delhi and Chandigarh, the performance was marginally better than even some of the South Indian states.

SEO Audit Results - 30-09-2021

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