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Let us imagine a scenario, you are going out to buy vegetables for the first time in your life from a vegetable market and you don't know which vegetables you want to purchase! If we were you, we would be worried too. Now, compare this scenario with your Brand. Your Brand is you, your vegetables are your Brand's goals (sales, likes, reach, customers, leads, etc.) and vegetable market is the World.

If your Brand does not know where to go, what to do, and how to select according to your Brand's goals, then your Brand will be lost in the World.

We use our SMART™ AI tool which converses with various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. and ranking pages such as Google & Bing to collect data specific to your brand's goals such as your Target Market, SMM Performance, Suggestions on SEO, Competitive Analysis, A/B Testing, Feasibility Testing, Campaign Success Rating, etc.

2 years in the constant research, development, and testing and 1 year since continuous application for our clients. SMART™ can work in conjugation with Contentigence™ Content Rating AI Tool, and ACME™ Active Ad Campaign Management AI Tool for best performance.






  • Feasibility Testing

    A complete solution where we run all the marketing tests and some more based on particular product/service/ design and give you insights that will help you in making SMART decisions.

  • Customer Testing

    Taking your product directly to a small group of prospective customers and collecting data to provide you insights on improvement and performance.

  • Statistical Analysis

    Using Big Data to predict campaign performance and estimate sales, revenue, and other parameters based on the planned strategy.

  • Market Analysis

    Unlike Competitive Intelligence which is focused on comparison, Market Analysis is a much broader test which gives you the outlook of the whole Industry.

  • Target Audience

    Using Data Analytics to pinpoint the niche market of your product, service, or design and the strategy that will help you achieve maximum RoI

  • Competitor Analysis

    Competitor Analysis Testing helps to identify opportunities and risks based on comparing your pros and cons to that of your competition and to set up your niche market.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Comparing your products, services, processes, and practices to your direct competitor to setup a quantitative position of you against your competitors which will help in developing the right strategy to gain competitive edge.

  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing is testing 2 experimental configurations to see which configurations performs better of the 2 and then a campaign can be setup based on the results of these 2 configurations.


CrissCross Lab is a 360 degree solutions provider for all your Marketing Needs from Strategy Development to Content Development to Campaign Management to Campaign Execution. The Power of CrissCross Lab lies with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools for decision analytics which makes us the only Marketing Organisation which actually wants to provide value to our customers through the use of Data Analytics.

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