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Let us imagine a scenario, you are going out to buy vegetables for the first time in your life from a vegetable market and you don't know which vegetables you want to purchase! If we were you, we would be worried too. Now, compare this scenario with your Brand. Your Brand is you, your vegetables are your Brand's goals (sales, likes, reach, customers, leads, etc.) and the vegetable market is the World.

If your Brand does not know where to go, what to do, and how to select according to your Brand's goals, then your Brand will be lost in the World. Our solutions are hand-tailored for your business and analysis is done by the most advanced AI solution ever.

Brand Analysis

We study the brand, visibility, existing products/services, financial parameters, marketing plans/timelines, campaign setups, target audience setup, and other data which is relevant to the brand. Based on this data, the SMART provides a side-by-side analysis of the current scenario and ideal scenario. Through big-data analysis, it finds out the areas of shortfalls and suggests ways to improve.


Contentigence Analysis

Contentigence Report aims to find shortfalls in brand communication over various digital platforms. The tools analyze all the content posted by the brand over website and social media pages such as images, videos, text, etc. to point out the quality issues in content being presented by the brand and how it can be improved to meet the standards of the target audience.


Website Analysis

Website Analysis aims to provide insights on vulnerabilities in website architecture, speed constraints and bottlenecking, on-page SEO issues, data structure issues, UX issues, and any other issues that the users of the brand are facing. Website is the store-front of your brand and it plays a major role in your user's decision making. A well-functioning website is a deal maker or breaker for brands.


Target Audience Analysis

By studying the current target audience that the brand is targeting in their campaigns, SEO keywords, Social Media posts, etc., and providing insights of the target audience characteristics which favors Company's products/services based on Brand Analysis. Target Audience analysis aims to provide insights on the right target audience that a brand should target for maximum benefits.


Peer Analysis

The most important aspect of guerilla marketing is understanding what your peer is up to, but even more than that, it is to understand who your peers are. We analyze your products/services and target audience on which basis we create your Peer Group. Afterward, we analyze your peers, their products, their campaigns, and their targeting activities to keep you one-step ahead.


New Product Analysis

If you are planning to launch a new product/service, we can help you forecast its performance ahead of time. How the product is going to perform, is the launch strategy good enough, is the marketing plan apt, are you going to be focusing on the right target audience? We provide answers to these questions! We have helped several brands optimize their marketing plans ahead of time for the highest success rate.

Let's Work Together

Is your brand facing issues with scalability or result-oriented marketing? Reach out to us now, and feel the difference.

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