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Guest Blogging - a good source of backlinks

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

What is Guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a content marketing and SEO strategy where you write and publish blog posts to promote your personal/corporate brand on a third-party website or blog. In simpler terms, Guest blogging is writing blogs on someone else's website, usually for free. These articles are often highlighted as "guest authors" or "contributors" by the publishers. Depending on the publication, you may be compensated for your guest blogging efforts.

Multiple benefits of Guest Blogging by CrissCross Lab

However, this may not happen every time.

Some publications will offer non-monetary rewards for your posts instead of a backlink to your website or social media profiles.

What can guest blogging do for you? Here are 10 benefits you can expect:

1. Build your backlinks

Most websites that facilitate guest blogs, allow the guest bloggers to leave at least one backlink instead of financial compensation. Backlinks are a beneficial SEO tactic in terms of conversion i.e backlinks help brands to attract more customers to their website in debt of the credibility offered by the host website.

Also, this is why many individuals jump into guest blogging because it helps to build effective backlinks. This is again for SEO, as the search algorithms hold standard backlinks as an important metric for search engines like Google and Bing.

CCL brings to you multiple benefits of backlinks such as credibility and brand recognition
Top 4 benefits of Backlink Generation

2. Improves your writing skills

Practice creates perfection.

People accept guest blogging offers because their writing skills flourish with each new post they write. Hence, most bloggers dive into guest blogging to develop their credibility and gain feedback to improve their skills.

3. Improves your content marketing skill

Guest blogs require intensive research skills to generate data for better credibility, thus guest blogging makes you do content research to find the right topic for that particular brand. It does not only develop your abilities to create the right voice for that brand but also helps you to learn and grow in your content marketing journey.

4 step guide for effective marketing

4. Improves Brand awareness

Leveraging the guest blogging opportunities helps to make people aware of your brand. As competition increases, guest blogging can boost your brand recognition too, by adding your brand name in each blog, regardless of any website you submit to.

5. Increases Organic High-Quality Traffic

Guest blogging is effective for SEO purposes too. When a reliable website has your backlink, it automatically makes the backlink reliable too. Each backlink may bring organic high-quality traffic to your website, which means you are targeting people who might be interested in your brand.

6. Helps to expand your network

What you know has the same significance as whom you know. Networking has a large impact on the industry. Guest blogging helps to build networks between you and the other website owners and their visitors. Often, these networks embark on collaboration which positively impacts business relationships ultimately.

7. Improves credibility

Blogging showcases your knowledge of the niche you are in. Sharing your ideas and opinions over other's platforms generates credibility. The more ideas and opinions you share the more you are showcasing your understanding of the subject. People are attracted more towards sources who have deeper understandings of the subject.

8. Develop your work portfolio

Guest blogging is effective for advertising your portfolio. The more valuable information you share through your guest blogs, the more your brand shines online. Guest blogging displays your experience in the industry, which in turn helps people convince why they should try your brand.

9. Offers effective feedback from the community

People often share experiences and ideas in the comment section of reliable website's blog posts which in turn creates your access to insightful constructive feedback from the community in your industry.

10. Generates sales leads for your business

With guest blogging, you make other website visitors interested in visiting your website. It not only creates trust among the visitors but also converts viewers to potential leads.


  1. Ramit Sethi used guest blogging to develop his blog site

  2. Jon Cooper, an SEO consultant and the author of Point Blank SEO used guest blogging and generated nearly 400 visitors. Read the case study here.


Guest blogging has been proven to be an effective way to attract more and more viewers to our website. It builds credibility as well as improves the page ranking of the source site. Hence, when you present a well-researched and written blog on a website, the host site rewards you with a backlink. To get started, here is a bonus content- a link to 350+ sites that offer you guest blogging opportunities.



We have curated over 350 websites that can get you started on your guest blogging journey, just submit the form below and get it on your email.

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