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How festive offers drive sale?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

There are many big festivals in India. Needless to say, old, middle-aged, and young men and women save for the entire year to buy during these days. They celebrate by buying new clothes, new jewelry, and exchange festival gifts while meeting family, relatives, and friends.

Festivals in India means the shops and the streets will be busy and full of customers. Especially in India, the festive season is the best time for sale for most brands and businesses. Clearly, it is the best time for new brands or small businesses to maximize their profits!

We have listed down 7 different ways to drive effective sales during the festive season:

  • Give discount offers and gifts: People are always ready to go shopping! However, you should give them a reason to purchase from you. Offer your buyers gifts and extra discounts, and attract them so that they are not lost in the herd. They will love the gesture if they are given a free gift, and they may want to revisit you. For a big amount of purchases, gift vouchers, dine-out coupons, booking vouchers, kitchen utensil sets, and similar items can be given for free. Any discount, surprise, or free gifts can be a good option to make your customers feel welcomed and they will want to come again and purchase in the future.

  • Inform and promote about sale offers before the start of festive season sale: There is no point in giving discounts when no one is informed about it and you have not done enough marketing to promote it! Inform customers in advance about offers via social media ads, google ads, mobile messages, television ads, social media posts, emails, hoardings, etc. If they know about what to expect, they will at least want to visit your website or store if they are out looking for your offerings.

Source: Noraa Instagram Page

  • Effectiveness of social media advertisements: People tend to research the products and check the prices online before making the purchase. Advertising your sales offer details on social media will be beneficial in reaching out to many people, and increasing sales during the festive season. Also, it is inevitable that your social media profiles and websites look amazing and ready to "wow" your customers.

Source: Backyard Valley Tea Instagram Page

  • A seamless mobile experience is much needed: Mobile e-commerce has grown a lot in recent years. Tablets, smartphones, and computers are the biggest shopping mediums, especially during the festive season. Hence, to reach your maximum sales potential, your website should be mobile-friendly. You need to focus on creating an effective, easy to navigate and secured mobile-friendly platform. Speed ​​and seamless mobile experience have the chance to bring more customers, according to marketing research.

Source: MooChuu India (Under Development by CCL)

  • Theme background is a must: The holidays are always being celebrated with occasional and festive backgrounds, and so should your online website. Adding festive themes can be proven beneficial to stand out among the competitors. You also need to renovate your online presence. Adding holiday-themed background images to your e-commerce website is the easiest and most effective way to update your website on the holidays. By doing this, you not only spread the festive excitement but also convey a message to your customers that your e-commerce site is the ideal place for festive shopping.

  • Online ordering and digital payments are always preferred: According to a study, 42% of consumers prefer digital payments over cash. Also, the majority of customers want to shop online, if that is available. It is projected that in upcoming years 8 out of 10 transactions will be digitized and 6 out of 10 will do online shopping.

Source: Backyard Valley Tea Website

  • Game elements help to improve e-commerce marketing performance: It’s not impossible and is even recommended to add game elements on your web applications and website to take customer loyalty to the next level and boost engagement. It boosts sales and targets a broader audience. The important thing is to inform what reward customers will get at the end of a game. Set some challenges for users and provide clear instructions. Give daily bonuses to the most active users to encourage them to play more. To improve your digital media presence, it’s suggested to reward users who share their games with others.

Source: MiraiMe Spin Wheel

So, during festivals when the e-commerce war between various companies takes place, playing strategically by knowing consumers' mindsets, behavior patterns, and purchasing patterns also their needs and desires play the most important role. A company needs to design the sale strategy thinking as a consumer and keeping the consumer perspectives in mind.

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