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How to Write Meeting-Winning Cold Emails That Convert?

When you think of cold email, you probably picture someone typing up a generic message in a text editor and hitting send. That’s how most people use the tool, but it’s not the best way to get your message read. Like any other correspondence, you want your email to read as someone went through great lengths to make sure it was relevant, interesting, and useful for the recipient.

If you don’t know how to write meeting-winning cold emails that convert, this blog post is for you! Even if you know about them already, we bet there’ll be some new ideas here too. Imagine what could happen if everyone on your team uses meeting-winning cold emails as their default marketing method. What if every business owner knew how to set up a successful marketing strategy from scratch? Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Your meeting-winning cold email should be easy to read and understand

There are millions of emails that go out every day with the hopes that someone will read it, but how many will be easy to understand and “snackable” enough to actually be read? You want to take the time to make sure your recipient has a great experience reading your email. This means including relevant information and helpful tips. Using jargon and confusing terminology kills any chance of reaching a new audience, so make sure your email is easy to digest.

There are a few simple ways to improve the readability of your emails such as use bold text and make sure your email is legible. Don’t include any unnecessary headers or font styles. If you aren’t sure if your email is legible, try sending it to yourself and reading it out loud. If you can’t read it, then it’s not worth sending.

Spend a lot of time on perfecting your subject line

Subject lines are important for a few reasons. Firstly, they’re one of your only chances to grab someone’s attention. If they don’t want to take the time to read your email, they’re probably going to delete it and move on to the next. That’s OK, but you want to make the best impression possible. So feel free to start with a less than perfect subject line. All you need is to get the email opened.

Once it’s in front of the person’s eyes, they can make the decision to read it or delete it. What’s the worst that can happen if your subject line isn’t perfect? You open your email and it’s unread. Take the time to come up with a subject line that invites the person to actually open your email, and you’ll have a much better chance at getting a response.

Keep your message short, sweet, and to the point

Too many emails are too long and take way too much time to read. It’s easy to ramble about your product or send a ton of messages that don’t seem relevant. The best way to keep your email short is to keep your message focused. If you want to send more information, break it up into paragraphs or separate it out into sections.

Make sure your message is simple, direct and to the point. If the person reading your email doesn’t get what you’re trying to say, they aren’t going to respond or engage with your message.

Include a useful “hook” in your body text.

Once you’ve got your overall message down, it’s time to include a “hook”. The hook is what grabs the reader and keeps them reading. A hook can be anything, but it must be useful and provide value. You’re trying to get the person to add value back to your email, after all. What would make a great hook? Here are a few examples: Not able to scale your FB Ads? or Tired of not having enough orders? etc.

Generally, a great hook relates to the problem that your reader faces and that is what your services/products can help him/her. The person you’re emailing to is the exact person you need to show this to. They’ll appreciate your efforts and help you out.

Don’t Barter or Pitch. Instead, show how you benefit the person you’re sending it to

Cold emails are an awesome way to build relationships and form new connections, but you can’t expect people to give you anything for free. Instead of pitching or bargaining, create a story that shows how you’re benefiting the person reading your email.

You can use this as a chance to explain your strategy and how you’re growing. The easiest way to create this story is to lead with a benefit. What is the one thing your reader would get out of reading your email? Try to find out before you start writing.

Wrapping Up

Marketing and selling, in general, is difficult. Even if you’re a great salesperson, there’s always a 50:50 chance that someone will buy your product or service. Despite your efforts, someone else always has to take the risk of buying what you’re selling. Cold emails are one of the most efficient ways to reach out and grab someone’s attention.

These emails are perfect for building relationships and making connections. There are hundreds of cold email templates you can use, but it’s important to remember that they don’t work. You need to write your own emails that aren’t exactly like the templates, but still go out of your way to make the person reading your message happy. You can't just send the same old emails. You need to make them easy to read and understand, and keep them short and sweet. So this 2023, take your conversions to a new level with these simple tips and tricks.

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