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Rise of WhatsApp - Gamechanger for eCom brands

WhatsApp is the busiest and most commonly used messaging app, with over 2 billion active users worldwide, most people prefer to get connected across the world via WhatsApp. In the same manner, WhatsApp has also found a way to cater to the Brands that have also started marketing via WhatsApp.

Whatsapp business for ecommerce brands with CCL

Let’s explore how including WhatsApp as a Sales Channel in your marketing strategies can benefit your brand in converting more customers.

How WhatsApp is considered to be a sales channel?

Sales Channel, according to the name, the motive is clear: to generate sales. It is a passage where the consumer selects the product, gets information about it directly, or gets in touch with the owner/brand agent, finalizes it, and proceeds with the payment.

Brands can create a catalog on their WhatsApp Business profile for the ease of consumers. Consumers select the product and gather information about the product from the owner/agent by simply dropping a message to the brand. The owner/agent helps the consumer understand the product and the services.

When consumers get satisfied with the support provided, they ask to check out the product and pay for the product to the brand using various payment methods. Since the entire sales cycle can be completed within WhatsApp, that's why it is considered a Sales Channel.

Are you using WhatsApp as a sales channel?

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What is WhatsApp marketing?

It is a type of Marketing that showcases the Brand's services and products through WhatsApp. It helps the brand reach a vast audience, build better relationships, generate higher intent leads, and increase sales.

Why WhatsApp marketing is necessary?

Brands constantly look out for digital platforms where they can reach their target audience in the easiest ways possible. WhatsApp has turned out to be a smooth link between brands and consumers.

Brands can turn WhatsApp into a sales channel with minimal investment making WhatsApp a great deal in terms of Return on Investment (RoI).

  1. Better Sales: By adding the WhatsApp number to the website, the leads may increase by 27%. And around 66% of consumers shop from such brands, which are presently active on apps similar to WhatsApp. Also, In the future, there are chances that 60% of consumers will make purchases via chat apps only.

  2. Higher Conversion Rate: Generally, consumers don't revert to calls when it comes to conversions. But, messages are prioritized by the consumer worldwide. Around 40% of consumers revert to brands regarding products and offers over messaging apps. Hence, when any initial contact is made for a genuine deal, the chances of conversion are improved by 112.6%.

  3. Low Marketing Cost: On average, a consumer checks WhatsApp around 23 times a day. WhatsApp marketing increases sales, generate more leads and also helps in building top-notch relationships with consumers and costs lower in terms of digital marketing expenses.

What are the KPIs of WhatsApp Marketing?

The brand needs to track the progress of its marketing campaigns. But, the question arises of how they can keep a record of their sales done. In WhatsApp Marketing, the brand checks the effectiveness of the chat process on how they are successfully proceeding towards the goal of sales.

  • Resolution Time: Brand Agents tackle around 1-3 consumers at the same time. Resolution Time is the time taken to resolve a query successfully. So, if the resolution time is low, that means that your agents have a great knowledge of the product and services.

  • Chat to Conversion Rate: This KPI is mainly considered to look out for the conversions done. Chat to Conversion Rate is that the total number of people who have converted into sales out of the total number of people with whole chats have been done.

  • Average Response Time: This KPI is calculated by dividing "the total amount of time that has elapsed since a chat response was sent" by the "total number of chats done". Low Response Time means that the agent is bombarded with queries and cannot find solutions for the consumers. Fast Response Time means that the agent finds quick solutions for the queries, and consumers are happy with the solutions.

  • WhatsApp Business Store Statistics: This feature is available on the WhatsApp Business app that allows the brand to check the total number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received because this helps in filtering the consumers who are the potential target audience.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

It is an Application Program Interface that permits the brand to receive and answer WhatsApp messages through a business dashboard.

  • Like every second, 1.1 billion promotional messages are sent to consumers as this interface helps reach more people in less time.

  • It cuts the struggle for sending mail as they have less conversion rate. With the help of WhatsApp Messages, the brand minimizes its competition and communicates directly to its potential consumers.

  • With the help of chatbots, the brand can quickly reply and solve the query. This generates better conversions and keeps consumers engaged and satisfied.

  • Consumers expect better quotes, texts, and emojis from the brand as this method keeps the consumers engaged, and chances of conversion increase.

Importance of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API allows brands to manage customer service, boost conversions, and grow their business using WhatsApp. Brands use the Business API to provide Live Chat support on "n" number of devices using the same number. Brands create a catalog of their available products. In that, for every product, its price, description, website link, and product code are mentioned.

Now, brands can also accept payments through Whatsapp as they have included UPI transactions. They just need to link their payment mode with the app.


So, we have understood the importance of WhatsApp Marketing and how it is effective for the brands. Also, how brands reach their target audience in the easiest possible way and how brands can convert their leads into conversions from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

So, if your brand is behind in reaching the audience and cannot achieve better results, then it is time to enroll in the most straightforward way of digital marketing. For more information about WhatsApp Business, click here.

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