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Why S.W.O.T analysis is important for your business plans?

Every business owner wants to grow and put everything in a play to make it happen as soon as possible. Here, business owners forgot that they have to first analyze the sectors that really need attention rather than blindly investing in every sector.

Importance of SWOT Analysis for your business by CrissCross Lab

A SWOT analysis allows you here to strategically develop your company strategies rather than wasting efforts trying to expand your market that does not align according to the business objectives.

What is Swot analysis?

SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) assists a business in assessing its competitive position and developing a strategic plan. A SWOT analysis evaluates both internal and external factors, including existing opportunities and future threats.

A SWOT analysis is a tool for taking a comprehensive, fact-based, data-driven approach to an organization's plans, or industry's strengths and weaknesses. The organization must maintain the accuracy of the study by avoiding preconceived notions and instead focusing on real-world scenarios.

SWOT Analysis Infographic by CrissCross Lab

Internal factors of SWOT business analysis

SWOT analysis of a company includes strengths and weaknesses which are the parts of internal factors of business analysis. Internal factors describe the resources and experience you can reach out to at any time. Parts of internal factors of SWOT analysis are-

  • Financial resources availability (such as a source of income, funding, and investment opportunities)

  • Physical assets (store, facilities, machines, and target audience)

  • Human resources (such as industry experts, volunteers, employees, and consumers)

  • Permit to utilize natural resources, patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

  • Possession of specialized tools or software

External factors of SWOT business analysis

External pressures impact every business or brand. It is critical to identify and pinpoint each of these characteristics, whether they are directly or indirectly linked to your brand opportunity (O) or a danger (T). External factors are things that you or your brand have no control over, such as:

  • Change in Market trends (new products, technology advancements, and shifts in audience needs)

  • The current economic situation of the market (includes national and international financial trends)

  • A shift in Investment decisions (donations, legislature, and other sources)

  • Demographics

  • Basis of Suppliers and partners' relationships

  • Change in government rules and regulations

Threats in the SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of a company is all about understanding the opportunities and threats of business and taking accurate actions to tackle those efficiently. However, business threats always hold more value while underlining both opportunities and threats. Let’s see what are the threats you can underline while doing a Swot analysis of your business.

  • Future damages and potential losses

  • Risks that can negatively impact the website performance

  • Not backing up your plans as per your competitors in the market

  • What if your campaigns don’t work well?

  • Your brand objectives don’t match industry standards

  • New competitors outperform in the market

  • Factors that can harm your business directly or indirectly

  • Shrinkage in your target audience

Opportunities in the SWOT analysis

Opportunities are all about analyzing the favorable external factors that hold the power to give the organization a competitive advantage.

  • What can you do better as a brand?

  • What external factors can help you in achieving your goal?

  • Are there any new audiences you might be able to reach?

  • Is there any technology that can help in improving your company's performance?

  • Are you implementing brand loyalty appropriately?

  • Where or how could you be able to expand your brand?


A SWOT analysis can help companies pinpoint the areas where they are already succeeding and those where they need to improve. You must apply the analyzed information you have obtained to create significant improvements in your brand.

Swot analysis is the best way to maintain track of growth, strengths, and weaknesses with regular company plan analysis and strategic planning. Remember that the information you accumulate from the SWOT analysis process is only useful if you put it to good use. Let your brand into action and generate strategies that will keep your company ahead of the competition today by analyzing the right sectors to work on!

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